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Friday, May 17, 2002  
Krugman Watch: "America's Poor Standards" is a fairly reasonable column about accounting standards, but Krugman seems dismayed that it's private industry that's taking action instead of the Federal Government. James D. Miller expresses surprise at Krugman's worshipping of the State over at Conservative Economist. Over at Live from the WTC, Jane Galt agrees with Krugman for a change and Matthew Hoy thinks Krugman might be trying to improve his partisanship score.
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Thursday, May 16, 2002  
Lying in Ponds has put up its own response to Krugman here. LIP sticks to its guns by pointing out the disparity between Krugman and Frank Rich, a fellow liberal columnist for the New York Times. The problem is that this doesn't address Krugman's core defense: that he is an economist and that therefor he is better at analysis than his fellow columnists. Thus in order to test Krugman's assertion, he needs to be compared to other economists who are columnists.
11:41 AM

Wednesday, May 15, 2002  
MediaWhoresOnline Watch points to a Paul Krugman response to a charge that he is the New York Times' most partisan columnist. The charge of partisanship is made by Lying in Ponds, a weblog run by Ken Waight that tries to document bias and does so via a semi-complicated formula. Krugman's response is simple: "Since Republicans are more evil and effective than the Democrats, I am justified in attacking them primarily." Is there any way to determine if Krugman is right? Assuming the "Lying in Ponds" methodology is sound, then I think that by applying that methodology to all columnists that are economists one could get a rough answer. I.e., if Krugman is right, then all economist-columnists should have the same approximate partisanship score within a margin of error. If Krugman is wrong, then he should stand out like a sore thumb from his peers.
6:36 PM

Max Sawicky, an economist with the Economic Policy Institute, has gotten himself a website and (of course!) a weblog as well. Best bit from the non-weblog portion of the site is about Paul Krugman: "He thinks everybody at EPI is a hack; aside from that hes usually good". This just goes to support my theory: Paul Krugman hates everyone.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2002  
Krugman Watch: His latest, "The Great Evasion", is critqued by Matthew Hoy.

UPDATE: Robert Musil takes at whack at Krugman's latest as well. Found via Croooow Blog. Conservative Economist also takes a quick stab at it.
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Sunday, May 12, 2002  
Jane Galt over at "Live from the WTC" has the best critique I've seen so far of Krugman's latest column, "Smoking Fat Boy".
9:13 PM

Another Peter Bauer obit, this time by Thomas Sowell. Read "Peter Bauer (1915-2002)".
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