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Friday, May 31, 2002  
Thomas Sowell also returns to a familiar theme, housing prices, in "The Art of the Impossible".
11:28 AM

Krugman's column today is "Heart of Cheapness", a return to a familiar theme, foreign aid. I hesitate to comment since I know little of the economics of foreign aid (note to self: add Peter Bauer to reading list) so I will leave the slamming to others.

UPDATE: Matthew Hoy has put up his critique.

2nd UPDATE: Jane Galt weighs in as well.

3rd UPDATE: Random Jottings puts in its two cents.
7:05 AM

Tuesday, May 28, 2002  
"Where's the Boom?" is Paul Krugman's take on predictions that the economy will come roaring back. Most of the column is spent comparing the current recovery to the one in 1983, presumably because others have made the comparison and they need to be shown the error of the ways. Krugman never tells us who has made that comparison, but why quibble?

UPDATE: Jay Caruso over at The Daily Rant puts his two cents in on Krugman's latest.

UPDATE: Jane Galt speaks up as well.
5:30 AM

Monday, May 27, 2002  
Thomas Sowell discusses price controls in "An Ancient Fallacy". This is always depressing to read about because as far as I know, there are few policies dumber than price controls and yet they are enacted over and over again.
10:01 AM