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This book
exposes the dangers that Americans
face with the prospect of socialized medicine.
Bringing together the thoughts of twelve eminent
advocates of the free-market philosophy,
The Dangers of Socialized Medicine
explains in an easily readable, well-reasoned
way, how governmental policies have caused America's
health-care crisis and why  a complete separation of
health care and the state
is the only real, long-term solution.
This book prescribes the tough medicine that
Americans need to take to achieve a healthy,
prosperous, and free society.

Here is what the noted psychiatrist and author
Thomas S. Szasz says about this book:

"If only the pen
were mightier than the sword,
The Dangers of Socialized Medicine
would be the perfect antidote
against the Clintonian poison of medical
I hope it will be widely read
and will do some good."


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